Mission Statement


We are String-tastic



Our mission is to bring quality experience of quality music to people who have limited opportunities to experience it.



We do this because it benefits people and betters the arts.

  • People and communities benefit from music in many ways. These benefits must not be restricted to advantaged communities.
  • Classical music develops musical literacy and musicianship. These skills enrich artists, the arts and the experience of arts audiences.



We have two connected aims we pursue:

  • Positive outcomes for people by removing barriers to music that arise from poverty, location, cultural expectations, education, disability and social isolation.
  • Quality art by stimulating interests, uncovering talent and building audiences.



The main outcomes that arise when we follow our aims are that:

Individuals change because they

  • Play and gain the many advantages that play brings
  • Feel pleasure, relax, engage and like the arts so they return
  • Learn arts skills in relation to music, playing, listening, sound, rhythm, lyrics and movement.
  • Learn skills for future learning and employment such as cooperation, listening, co-ordination, teaching, trying something new and determination.
  • Affiliate with new and existing contacts, widening and strengthening their social networks.
  • Meet different people and gain understanding which engenders tolerance and trust.
  • Protect good mental health through developing self-esteem, resilience and autonomy.


Communities change because

  • String-tastic provides an organisation in the community that can make things happen.
  • Networks form around our work in areas where arts infrastructure is weak.


Society changes because

  • Good will towards the arts grows because more young people engage with music and they, their families and teachers value the arts more.


The Arts change because

  • Classical music is promoted, preserved and developed, building potential new audiences and uncovering young talent.


Equality is promoted because

  • Barriers of cost and travel are removed through local low cost provision
  • Cultural barriers to arts are reduced by introducing people to classical music and growing their interest.


String-tastic’s key outcomes using Belfast City Council’s Outcomes Framework



Our strategy and delivery vehicles 2016 to 2021