Sounds of the Movies

Sounds of the Movies


A fun-filled interactive show including;

The instruments of the orchestra and how they work

Musical building blocks and how they mix together: Pitch – Rhythm – Dynamics – Tempo – Timbre

Music and imagination

Music in the Holywood blockbuster

What happens if you change the music or take it away?

The Academy Award (Oscar) winners

Sound effects and the Art of Foley

The most famous scream

The Waterphone

Music includes: Skyfall, Jaws, Saint-Saën’s Carnival of the Animals, Imperial March (from Star Wars), Let it Go (from Frozen), Dr Who, Ghostbusters, Happy (from Despicable Me 2)……


Key Stage 3+


1 hr


Hall sized space 2 hr setup time - 1hr get out *


Violin, Viola, ‘Cello, Doublebass, Mandolin, Guitar, Zeta Jazz Fusion Electric Violin, Electric Bass Guitar, Waterphone.

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