Soundscape Project

Soundscape Project
the performance of sounds that create the sensation of experiencing a particular acoustic environment in conjunction with music


The aims of this project are to expose children to live music, to nurture their listening skills, feed their creativity and imagination and encourage and develop team work and co-operation. This will be achieved in a fun and challenging way boosting self-esteem and self-confidence.

The children are guided in the creation of a short adventure story. This story will be accompanied by a live musical soundtrack and the pupils will explore the world of Foley Artistry and create sound effects by listening and studying the sounds made from everyday objects they find in the world around them. These sound effects will be added to the story in essence bringing it to life by turning it into a ‘radio play’. The musical score composed to accompany the story will be directed, guided and nurtured by the children and they will create story board images depicting various scenes which will be projected during the final performance.



The finale of the project will have the children participating in various ways from narrating the story, performing on various music instruments to creating the live sound effects. All of this will be accompanied by a string quintet (2 violins, viola, ‘cello and double bass) and Cajón (South American percussion instrument).

“I thought that was a fantastic project. Professional, exciting, involving, slick in performance, great use of old and new tech, old and new music, and most importantly, owned by the kids. They really brought it to life. All in all, really well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it – a real pleasure to be involved in. Also importantly, you’ve created something with individuality in the end result will mean that no school will ever feel like they’re getting something just off-the-shelf.”


Key Stage 3 although by its nature, Soundscape is a bespoke project and can be tailored to suit all age ranges abilities and time frame


5-10 weeks


Hall sized space 2hr setup time - 1hr get out *


Violin, Viola, ‘Cello, Double Bass, Mandolin, Guitar, Zeta Jazz Fusion Electric Violin, Electric Bass Guitar, Cajón, Ocean Drum, Rainstick, Hand Chimes, Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pads, Waterphone.


Niamh McGowan violinDawn Wall violinJonathan Simmance violaDavid McCann ‘celloGareth Hopkins doublebassAndrew Lavery cajón/percussion

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